Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Planning a Family Road Trip Vacation to Mexico"

Family Vacation to Mexico

Taking a family vacation to Mexico is a great way to spend quality time bonding with your children. A vacation to Mexico will provide opportunities for your kids to see exotic locations and experience different cultures. Fishing, hanging out on the beach, witnessing beautiful mountain and desert scenery, as well as Spanish colonial sites are just a few of the learning opportunities available. Travel is a great way to get kids excited about history, geography and culture since first hand experience is always superior to sitting in a classroom.

There's not much planning required to travel with your children to Mexico. You will want to make sure that you have all your kids passports in order if you are planning on traveling farther than the free zone.

You will need the normal car paperwork, including vehicle registration and Mexican car insurance. When you are traveling with kids, it is best to prepare so that you will not have to stop at the border longer than is absolutely necessary. It is not a fun place for kids, much less adults. In order to make this less stressful for everyone, buy your Mexican car insurance online before you leave and print out the paperwork to show the guards at the border. This will save you time, and make your family vacation much more enjoyable.

Choose a destination that is kid friendly. Baja has many great destinations for families. For example, Cabo San Lucas is known for its family friendly vibe. The resort Dreams offers many activities and camps for kids, as do other hotels in town. Other family friendly resorts include the Grand Baja, the Pueblo Bonita Rose, Pueblo Bonita Los Cabos, and the Villa La Estrancia. The beaches in Baja are great for kids.

There are many exciting cultural experiences in Baja as well that are great for kids to experience. Todos Santos, "Pueblo Magico" is quaint colonial city founded in 1724. There is a cultural center and museum and many historical buildings. Art galleries, fantastic beaches, and a wide array of tourist services make this a great place to spend a family vacation. Todos Santos is located north of Cabo san Lucas on the Pacific side of Baja. The town is backed by the majestic Sierra Laguna mountain range, so a trip to the mountains is possible during the day to see wildlife, quaint villages, and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

Mexicans are a very family oriented people, and they love kids. When you travel here with kids, you will be amazed at how receptive and warm the locals are to them. You will probably get treated better than you ever would traveling alone! Kids will love the attention and freedom of traveling in Mexico. If you are looking for a destination for your next family vacation, consider checking out Mexico for a vacation you and your family will never forget.


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