Monday, April 26, 2010

"Amazing Caribbean Holidays"

Amazing Caribbean Holidays

The Caribbean is a great destination for a holiday. Visitors to the Caribbean are always amazed by its breath taking beauty. When in the Caribbean, visitors often create memories that will last a lifetime. There are many wonderful Caribbean destinations for visitors to choose from.

The Bahamas is a popular place for a holiday in the Caribbean. The Bahamas consists of several hundred tropical islands. Some people like to stay on one island, while others like to island hop in the Bahamas. The crystal clear waters make snorkelling a favourite activity in the Bahamas. Visitors also enjoy parasailing and of course sunning themselves on the amazing beaches. There many beautiful hotels to stay at in the Bahamas.

Jamaica is another great place for a Caribbean holiday. It doesn't matter if its visitors are on a family holiday or their honeymoon, they always have a great time in Jamaica. There are so many luxurious resorts and hotels for guest to stay at on the island. Tubing and Kayaking are two of the most popular activities in Jamaica. Swimming with dolphins in Jamaica is a once in a lifetime experience that many visitors love. Taking a sunset sail on a catamaran is also a great way to spend an evening in Jamaica.

Travellers who want an all around Caribbean experience often like going to Antigua. There are many family resorts for guest to stay at in Antigua. Guests looking for privacy can stay at one of the many couple only resorts on the island. Antigua is a diver's paradise. It doesn't matter if visitors are experienced divers or if they are brand new divers, they will be amazed at the spectacular underwater world in Antigua. Visitors also love going on sightseeing tours to visit many beautiful spots on the island.

The Dominican Republic is a great place for a tropical fun filled holiday. Many visitors to the Dominica republic like to purchase an all inclusive holiday. This is when they stay somewhere that includes food, drinks, hotel, and flights in the price of their package. The Dominican Republic has some great golf courses for golf lovers. Shopping and swimming in the warm Caribbean waters are favourite activities of Dominican Republic visitors. The more adventurous types like zip lining on the island.

It doesn't matter if someone wants a relaxing holiday or if they want an adventure filled holiday, they won't be disappointed in a Caribbean holiday.

Friday, April 16, 2010

"Discover Light Houses, Beaches, Vineyards and More - All on the Road to Montauk"

Discover Light Houses, Beaches, Vineyards and More - All on the Road to Montauk
If there's no traffic then it's about a two and a half hour drive from Manhattan to Montauk. And to everybody going there, it's well worth the trip.

Montauk is on the easternmost part of the South Fork of Long Island, New York. It's where New York State Route 27 ends. This can be especially true if you decide to take a detour or two along the way.

Although the beaches are beautiful, and the fishing is fine (Montauk's the fishing capital of the world), a lot of people seem to end up, at one time or another, at the Montauk Point Lighthouse.

Montauk Light House

Aside from the surrounding natural beauty, where else can you visit a lighthouse that was under construction when George Washington was president? New York's first lighthouse, completed in 1796, stands one hundred ten feet, six inches tall. And if you're in the area - or offshore - at night you'll see its beacons flashing every five seconds.

Tour the lighthouse on a clear day and you'll be able to see Block Island, Rhode Island, as well as nearby Connecticut.

Accommodations in Montauk

For a long, long time, if you wanted to spend the night in Montauk you could usually stay anywhere as long as it was Gurney's Inn. The original structure, nestled on Montauk's dunes, which can elicit visions of the era of the Great Gatsby, was pretty much the only game in town.

However, over the past couple of decades Montauk has become a much more popular destination.

From New Yorkers, who just want to take a break that sometimes comes with living and working in the city, to surfers from around the world who have heard of Ditch Plains Beach and want to experience the swells themselves, Montauk has become quite popular. As a result a considerable number of hotels have been built to accommodate them, so accommodations are not so hard to find.

However, especially during the summer, it could be a very good idea to call ahead and make reservations if you're planning on awakening to the sound Montauk's surf the next day.

Making Stops Along the Way

Now, even though most New Yorkers will probably just want to get there, a lot of people actually prefer to make it a more leisurely trip and they make a stop or two along the way. You know, to get off the highway and explore.

If this sounds a bit like you then you definitely will find a number of things are going to interest you along the way. And most will be nestled amongst the many beautiful towns and villages that you can find just off the highway, along the way.

Aside from the restaurants and shopping that you'd expect to find just about anywhere that people live, you can get off the Long Island Expressway in towns such as Peconic, where the climate and annual rainfall are the same as in Bordeaux, France. And while you're there, why not visit one of Long Island's many wineries? Enjoy the tour and maybe participate in a tasting. What better way to relax on your way to the beach?

Monday, April 12, 2010

"How to Prepare for Your EuroTrip"

How to Prepare for Your EuroTrip

Europe is a continent with 39 nations and countless different cultures that aren't defined by mere political zones. Within countries you can experience a wide variety of different foods, languages and peoples. Whether you're planning on heading to icy Scandinavia or the sunny Mediterranean, you should be prepared to see and do things that you have never done before. Here are some basics to help you prepare for the trip of a lifetime.

1. Visas and Travel Guidelines: Before you buy your Europe airline tickets, it's important to look at a country's entry requirements. Many nations require visas. While the process can be tedious and bureaucratic, it is necessary and well worth it. Make sure that your passport is current, and will not expire during your trip. Make photocopies of your passport and visa, just in case something happens to the original. To ensure that these matters are taken care of before you leave will save you time and money in the event that something goes wrong.

2. Language: Although many Europeans speak English, chances are that most of the people you run into - unless you're going to England, Ireland, or Scotland - do not. It is important to be prepared to communicate without being understood in your native tongue. As a result, it can be helpful to bring a handbook of common words and phrases of the foreign language. If there is something that you want to communicate, but do not have the vocabulary, remember that most language is non-verbal. Gesticulations and pointing can often greatly help to convey an idea where words cannot.

3. Packing: These days you have to pay extra to pack luggage on the plane. Save your money for food and fun when you arrive, and pack light. A pair of comfortable jeans, maybe some nice shirts if you go out for a luxurious dinner, and some comfortable sneakers are really all you need. It's better to pack a few essentials than be burdened with heavy luggage. You also have to be responsible for more if you pack a lot. And going with less gives you more space to store what you bring home (Europe has great deals on certain items that are impossible to find in the U.S.).

4. Sights: Sure you want to see all of the most famous sights that a country can offer, but there are also many hidden gems that are still worth seeing. Do your research in travel books, online newspaper travel sections, or talk to your local Brooklyn travel agency about the specific country or countries you are visiting to get some more information.

5. Make sure that you have a good camera because you will want to be able to remember in detail where you were, and what you did. Keeping a daily journal of your activities can also be helpful.

6. Spontaneity: Travel is all about seeing and doing new things. Don't be afraid to do something you wouldn't normally do. This trip may provide you with once in a lifetime opportunities! But don't go too crazy - remember, always trust your gut if you're unsure of what to do.
That's it! Have fun and bon voyage!