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"7 Tips for Keeping Your Things Safe and Secure at the Beach"

7 Tips for Keeping Your Things Safe and Secure at the Beach

How do you keep your valuables safe from people and the elements at the beach? A day at the beach can go bad when you damage your property. Here are several wise suggestions to safeguard your valuables, reduce your anxiety, and let you take pleasure in your stay at the beach:

Use a waterproof backpack

While going to beach, if you have a waterproof bag or backpack with you, it will keep your personal stuff dry. This kind of sack prevents items from getting wet when you go the the beach. Some bags are made specifically to keep your items waterproofed. They also float in the water in case you drop them while boating or fishing.

Use waterproof cases to protect your gadgets

Cellphones, cameras, and other gadgets you bring to the beach must also be protected in waterproof cases, such as those from aquapac. Not only will these cases avoid damaging your gadgets if they get wet, but also prevent exposure to the sand. Many specialty shops will have a large selection of waterproof cases and other novelty gadgets.

Items brought to the beach should be limited

In addition to accidental damage, you need to protect your possessions from potential thieves who lurk in crowds. To minimize the risk, make sure to go to the beach with a group or limit the belongings you are bringing. The less you bring, the less important it is to keep an eye on your stuff. Use the hotel safe or the one in your room to protect your valuables at beach-side hotels.

Only take with you things that you are willing to lose or damage

Whether you go to the beach alone or with a partner, no one will be there to look after your belongings when you go out swimming. To be safe, don't bring costly items. It is better to take with you only what you are willing to lose or break.

You should use a water-wallet if you are going to have valuables with you

A handy solution that allows you to take your valuables with you to the beach is a water-wallet. This waterproof wallet with a neck or waist strap for greater convenience is a terrific way to store your credit cards, keys, driver's license, cell phone and cash. They are reusable and a great investment if you are an adventurer or a frequent traveler.

Put your valuables in unattractive bags or containers

You can avoid losing things at the beach by storing your expensive things in ugly bags and containers. Putting your stuff in containers, such as cartoon character-themed bags and food containers, will lead people to think that items inside are for kids or are food. Moreover, choose plain-colored bags because thieves are particularly drawn to brightly-colored bags.

Take safety precautions

The best way to protect your belongings from theft while at the beach is to take precautionary measures. When swimming, take turns as often as possible. Be sure you can see your belongings and check up on them often.

You don't have to panic if you lose or break something at the beach. Your day at the beach will be a fun one with no worries assuming that you know how to keep your valuables safe.


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"How Much Interest Is Shown In Private Space Flight?"

How Much Interest Is Shown In Private Space Flight?

In a short time you can take a flight to space. Here we explore some of the world-wide interest and opportunities as this newest travel selection becomes available.

Space studies conducted in 2002 by Futron and 2006 by Spaceport Associates indicate a definite interest in space tourism. Our focus is based on suborbital space flight as orbital space flight is currently only available on the Russian spaceship Soyev to the International Space Station and at a cost exceeding $30 Million.

The space studies show worldwide interest mostly from males (78%) and also indicate a wide age separation, from 22 to 67. Since 2005, Virgin Galactic the world leader, has stated over 370 individuals have already registered and over l00,000 have requested further information. This clearly indicates a market exists for private space travel.

In the near future, many groups will develope space vehicles to provide a variety of opportunities. Over the next few years it is probable that many of these flights will begin and more people will want to register and participate.

Different strokes for different folks. Some vehicles will be dropped from another carrier, some will take off horizontally and land horizontally, some will take off vertically and land vertically and some will even be launched from a balloon.

Studies indicate the most desirable is to be a horizontal take off and landing, however, the preference of each individual with their confidence in each vehicle and company will be the initial determining factor of choice.

No matter which vehicle carrier you travel within, all participants will experience, some weightlessness, feel the G-forces and the thrust of rockets, view the Earth and see its curvature and go through some pre-flight space training. Some vehicles will take you solo while with others up to six or maybe more can travel together.

Why are many interested persons waiting to sign up? Because some expect costs will come down. Many want to know things are completely safe and will wait to see how others that fly react before they sign up. And still others want to get feedback and select from the different programs offered that have proven themselves safe and exciting.

Currently, costs range from under $l00,000 to about a quarter of a million dollars for a suborbital high adventure space flight experience. For comparison, a list of all space companies, their progress and developments, vehicles, projects and costs, can be found on Wikipedia under

World-wide registrations probably exceed 500 with over $40 M in deposits already paid. The proof that interest in private suborbital space travel is widespread is definitely shown.

It is still too early in the industry to be sure who will get there first, become most popular, offer the most discriminating experience, etc, etc, etc. It is for you to explore options and opportunities. Safety always comes first. April 12. 2011, the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's famous suborbital space flight. He was the first man in space. This time of global celebration brings man into the next 50 years of space and allowing the private sector to dominate space exploration, recreation and monetization. Space hotels will open within a few years and those interested in the further development of space and the excitement of what is offered will attract many more to become a part of what the future of space travel will be.

The next few years will pave the way for dare devil adventurers, space enthusiasts and thrill seekers to satisfy their quest and go where so few have gone before, to the edge of space. If YOU want to become a part of the early pioneers of space flight history, now is clearly the time to act.


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"5 Tips On How To Maintain Lightweight Luggage When Traveling"

5 Tips On How To Maintain Lightweight Luggage When Traveling

When you are traveling, part of the itinerary is visiting famous shopping areas and districts. If the prices are affordable and the goods are good, I am sure you can't help but hoard a lot of stuff.

Now what you are going to do with the excessive things you have bought? How are you going to keep your luggage light in weight?

Before going crazy on your shopping spree, you also have to consider how much weight you are going to bring home with you. In order to maintain lightweight luggage, here are a few tips you would want to consider:

1. Before your scheduled departure, try to make a list of the things you are going to purchase. If you are purposefully buying something, you can prevent yourself from purchasing unnecessary items. Stick to your list. In addition to that, conduct a research and find out where you can find the items you want to buy. This will make short work of your shopping expedition.

2. If you see an item you really want, categorize it to your wants and needs. If it is something you need and something you can use all the time, go ahead and buy it. However, if it is something you want and it does not really take up a large space in your bag, you can consider buying it as well.

3. When buying gifts for loved-ones, consider getting them the same items. Buy souvenir items in bulk and have it packed for you. Avoid buying souvenir items that are made from fragile or breakable materials. You will have hard time packing them.

4. When buying, find out if the goods you want are available in your country. If they are, why not just buy them when you get home? If they are not available, try purchasing a few pieces of the items. Find out if the company has an online store that ships to your country so you can purchase more if you need more of them.

In countries like Japan, many tourists hoard Japan-made pretzels and chocolates. While they are relatively light in weight, they can take up a lot of space in your luggage. Just buy a few boxes so you can taste it and if you want more, you can purchase online.

5. You might want to leave bath products behind. When packing before traveling, try to transfer big bath products into smaller containers so you can pack easily. Once you have already consumed the products, you can leave the containers behind so you have more space inside your bag.

Now that you know all these, you can maintain lightweight luggage easily. Follow these simple tips when traveling.


Keeping your skin clean and well-maintained is something you have to know by heart. Check out for more tips and advise on how to prolong the life of your luggage. Also find out which luggage bags last for a long time.

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"Grand Canyon Skywalk: Why You Can't Bring Your Camera"

Grand Canyon Skywalk's No-Camera Rule

You get on the Grand Canyon Skywalk and go 70 feet beyond the edge of the West Rim. The views are picture-perfect. In most cases, you'd pull out your camera and capture the moment. But not here. Cameras, as you've been informed, are not allowed.

The reason? The glass. Turns out that the Saint-Gobain and DuPont Sentry glass panels used for the horseshoe-shaped observation deck can chip and scratch - especially if camera equipment strikes it.

Initially, I didn't think this was a big deal. I figured you could replace the panel much like you would a broken windshield. Not so: Each of the more than 40 glass panels are valued at $250,000 a piece, with the same material used to fashion the 5' guard rail.

The Hualapai Indian Tribe, which manages the bridge, takes the probability of damage seriously, and insists that you put all personal electronics (digital cameras, cell phones, iPods, camcorders and the like) in a locker. You are also required to wear cloth booties over your shoes.

So, what to do? Several things. The Tribe has hired a corps of professional photographers to take your picture. These individuals are insured and specifically trained to take photos under these conditions. There are also self-serve cameras fixed to the guard railing. Images from both can be purchased for around $30 each in the main gift shop.

You don't have to be on the Skywalk to take a picture of it. There's a place where you can take excellent pictures just south of the Skywalk - travelers typically pose on the edge with the Skywalk to the right of their shoulder. If you are taking a helicopter or airplane tour to the West Rim, you'll have plenty of fantastic aerial photo opportunities.


Since it's opening in 2007, more than a million people have visited the glass bridge. Today, more than 200,000 people visit it annually. The bridge is located in Grand Canyon West, a 9,000-acre expanse just 120 miles east of Las Vegas. Lots of folks decide to book a rental car and do it themselves. I personally recommend taking an all-inclusive tour. Skywalk trip costs can quickly mount if you do it yourself; package tours protect your travel budget.

There are plenty of Skywalk trip options. Bus, chopper, and plane trips take 2.5 hours, 45 minutes, and 25 minutes, respectively, to reach Grand Canyon West. The most popular route includes Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and the pristine Mojave Desert. For the best deals, I recommend that you book your tour online, where I've seen discounts up to 35 percent.


If you are looking for a great outdoor attraction, definitely consider the Grand Canyon Skywalk, especially when visiting Las Vegas. The Glass Bridge gets a lot of hype, but, unlike it's imitators, it delivers big time! But realize that you will not be allowed to take your camera. This caveat is because the bridge is made of incredibly expensive glass panels that will chip or scratch if you drop your camera. To fix this, the Tribe has employed experienced photographers to snap you picture. They've also installed self-serve cameras. As you embark on this journey, remember this: Anyone can see the canyon. It's the lucky who "skywalk" it that have stories to tell...and the pictures to prove it.


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"Symptoms Of Jet Lag"

Symptoms Of Jet Lag

Avoiding the effects of jet lag can be very easy. How? Do you want the latest tips on preventing jet lag without needing to take medical pills? Did you know pills could make you feel sick?

Do you feel sick and exhausted after a plane trip? Do you feel stressed and have a throbbing headache? Do you want natural remedies to prevent and reduce jet lag?

All of us love to travel but the jet lag and air sickness that affects us after a plane trip is not fun. However, there are a few things you could do to improve and reduce jet lag.

Here are some easy tips and that you can apply:

*Before going on a trip please make sure you have a small healthy meal. Don't eat or drink too much on the plane.

*Ensure that you are fit and healthy before the trip.

*Warm up your muscles as if you were about to play sports. Warming your muscles will help your blood flow better.

*Drink 2 cups of green tea before you fly.

*Avoid any alcohol before or on the trip. Even if alcohol is offered for free, the alcohol consumption combined with the high altitude can seriously make you lethargic or ill after a long plane trip. So be cautious and refrain from drinking alcohol.

*On the trip please move around as often as you can. Although the plane cabin is quite small, but by simply walking up and down helps your blood circulate.

*Warm up your muscles by moving your legs, rotating your ankles, wrist, flicking your fingers, rotating your shoulders, and leaning forward to touch your feet.

*Frequently massage your body.

*Massage your head and face to help circulate blood to your brain.

*Drink green tea on the trip.

*After the plane trip and on arriving at your hotel you should warm up your body by moving about and stretching.

*Have a 20 minute siesta after you cool down from your exercises. Avoid turning the air conditioning in the hotel room on cold because it can cause sickness.

*Take a warm shower and have some healthy food and drinks after the resting.

*All these exercises and food are designed to help your body stay alert and fight off the jet lag.
You should feel great after doing these exercises. You can reduce your jet lag sickness by up to 70%. It also helps your body acclimatise to your new environment when it is healthy and not recovering from alcohol.

Avoid eating any street foods on your arrival. Eat well cooked dishes to avoid food poisoning. This is because your body is quite tired after the trip so eating dangerous dishes is a perfect recipe for food poisoning.


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