Monday, August 31, 2009

New Attractions in Orlando Florida

The theme parks and other tourist attractions are constantly working to change, upgrade and improve their facilities in order to keep up with their competitors. The ordinary tourist is the beneficiary of this fierce competition, and this year is no exception with many parks adding new sections and rides. Here is a brief guide to some of the changes you can expect to find in the Orlando area this year. Cypress Gardens Adventure Park underwent significant renovations and now features a new water park as well a special exhibition highlighting the history of the gardens and adventure park. The animal and ride areas of the park have been closed however. You can get more information about this attraction by calling them at 863-324-2111.

A new attraction opened on the International Drive. It is the International Heli-Tours. They offer aerial tours of the entire area including Orlando, Kissimmee, the Disney Resort and the Universal Resort. They also make specialty tours which include celebrity house sightings, fireworks viewing and alligator searches. Their tours are priced at $25 and up. Call them at 407-239-8687 for more details.

WonderWorks opened a new exhibit which is designed to "challenge your mind." "Mindball" is a table top game that puts a new twist to competition, because it measures a participant's success by his or her calmness. You can win this game if you are more relaxed than your opponents.
Players and audience can watch the mental process of the games players because their brain wave activity is measured electronically and then presented on a large 53 inch monitor. Call them at 707-351-8800 for more information.

SeaWorld is one of the big attractions of Orlando and they opened a new roller coaster that takes the rider from the heights of the sky right to the surface of the sea and below. You can see underwater habitats and soar with your face down at speeds of about 60 mph and come to within inches of the water. If you don't want to ride on the roller coaster you can still enjoy this attraction by viewing the 300 rays visible in a floor to ceiling window. For more information about this ride or other sections of Seaworld call them at 407-351-3600.

Not to be outdone by SeaWorld, Universal Studios has also opened a new high-tech roller coaster. Each rider has an on-board LED screen and can choose which songs he or she wants to accompany them on the ride. On top of that, when the ride is finished you get to take home a musical video of the ride. The name of this new roller coaster is Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit, so if you are at Universal Studios, make sure you check out this new roller coaster.

Soaring in the air is always a lot of fun, and Walt Disney World has opened an attraction that is sure to appeal to everyone who has wanted to view the word from the vantage point of a high flying bird. This attraction is called Characters in Flight and it consists of a giant tethered helium balloon which carries up to 30 guests to an altitude of 400 feet. It is a six minute flight giving the visitor a panoramic view of Disney World and beyond and costs $16 for adults and $10 for children aged 3-9. So try out some of the new attractions if you are here for your second or third time. If you are a newcomer to Orlando, then just visit the attractions that suit your fancy.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Why Travel Insurance is priceless?

Cost of travel insurance = Priceless

You have finally booked your holiday and here comes the obligatory question: 'Would you like to add your travel insurance?' Many of us just tend to unclick or dismiss the 'boring' bit thinking to ourselves 'It is holiday time and I'm going to just sit on the beach and have some fun. I'm healthy and whenever I've travelled before, nothing went wrong... so what could possibly go wrong now?'

In the effort to overcome ten common objections to buy travel insurance, I could mention at least twenty things that could go wrong on your summer or winter holiday! Ever heard of lost or delayed baggage or suddenly falling ill? Have any of your friends or relatives ever had to cancel their trip because of an unexpected event back at home?

Stolen cameras, passports or valuables are also quite frequent incidents whilst on your holiday.
Whether you are staying in Britain or travelling abroad, a good insurance cover is essential not just to give you peace of mind, but to financially protect you from a massive hospital bill, unexpected medical expenses or repatriation costs that could often go into sky high amounts. Adding the extra cost of travel insurance to your holiday bill has nowadays become an inevitable and educated choice.

With so many insurance products on the market we might sometimes struggle with the right choices of suitable insurance cover. This depends on many factors. First of all, it is the type of holiday and the activities you will be doing. Standard insurance policy will cover you for any typical activities like swimming, cycling and various light sports. However, if you are thinking to scuba dive or ski or do any adventure sports that bring higher risk of accident and injury, you need to declare this to your insurer. Your insurance premium will increase, but you will be covered and reimbursed for any medical associated costs should an accident occur.

The other thing to bear in mind is your age and any pre-existing medical conditions. The travel insurance policy could be more expensive for the over 65's and extra premium may be loaded if you have any pre-existing medical condition e.g. you have just recovered from a heart attack, injury or suffer from asthma. Medical screening is something that your travel agent or insurer will take care of once you have decided to purchase their policy.

What are we supposed to look for in travel insurance? A good travel insurance policy will cover you for medical expenses, public liability, lost, stolen, delayed luggage or flights, stolen valuables, cancellation and curtailment of your trip. It may also include some standard adventure sports and sports equipment cover as well as special cover for business travellers.

Some of us may think that our bank accounts, credit cards or airlines have automatically included travel insurance when we purchase our trip. This may well be the case, however it is always imperative to check what your existing policy is exactly covering you for. The former E111 or what is nowadays EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is also a great way to access health care abroad. Medical treatment at no or reduced cost can be obtained in continental Europe, but it is only limited to certain countries and you won't be covered for any other possible incidentals.

Cheap travel insurance can always mean reduced overall cost of your holiday, however it may sometimes mean restricted or very basic cover. When purchasing your travel insurance, ask your travel agent for any recommendations of suitable policy and detailed explanation of your cover and insurance excesses. Sometimes the value of your claim may actually be smaller than the excess itself! Get a few quotes and compare the suitability of your cover to your trip and any possible exclusions. Check who the underwriters are in case you need to make a claim. Are they a reputable company?

Suitable travel insurance policy is an inseparable part of any modern traveller's trip, whether it's business or leisure, home or abroad. Often the cost of your travel insurance is negligible compared to the overall cost of your holiday and the expenses you could incur should any medical emergency occur. In this respect, purchasing a good travel insurance policy and the peace of mind it will give you, is certainly priceless.


Mark Kempster

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Booking All Inclusive Holidays Can Save You Money

Everyone deserves a nice holiday - that is no lie. However, we all know that the hassle of booking flights, hotels, taxis to and from airports, and restaurants can be a bit of an annoyance when the main purpose of a holiday is to find relaxation and peace. Fortunately, there is a way that you can avoid all of that stress by booking an all inclusive holiday, which leaves you more free time to plan your daily activities and budget whilst on holiday.

No matter what holiday destination you choose or what you plan to do there, you always have the option to save a little money by choosing an all inclusive package. Basically, an all inclusive holiday is a package deal that lumps the cost of flights, hotel, transfers, and board into one price - a price that is usually considerably lower than it would be if you chose to pay for all of these things separately. These holidays provide accommodation at resorts and hotels that offer luxurious amenities at competitive prices.

When booking an all inclusive holiday, there are three main options to choose from. Your first choice in booking is to visit a high street travel agency in your home town. A travel agent will have the ability to show you a wide variety of destinations if you are unsure of the perfect holiday destination, but they will also have a plethora of all inclusive holiday packages that meet your wants and needs. Once your decision has been made, the travel agent handles all of the booking and simply forwards the travel information on to you before you set off. Be aware that travel agents have to make money somehow, and their fees are usually hidden in the cost of booking. With that being said, you might save more by making your holiday plans online yourself. By going online and searching for all inclusive holidays, you will find many websites that give you more than enough information to choose your holiday package. All bookings can be made online, which means the entire holiday can be planned from the comforts of your own home. Finally, if you have a particular resort or hotel in mind, you can simply telephone their front desk and ask if they offer all inclusive deals. If so, you can then request information to be sent to your home. Any of these options are a fool proof way to obtain the necessary information required to book your perfect all inclusive holiday.

What are the pros and cons of all inclusive holidays? To begin with, an all inclusive holiday implies that meals and drinks including alcohol are provided by the hotel or resort in which you are staying. For a restaurant lover, this might not be the best idea and perhaps a drinks inclusive holiday would be a better choice. That means that the flights, accommodation and drinks only are covered in the same price, but meals are not. However, for a family holiday, all inclusive takes the stress and expense out of finding a restaurant two or three times a day.

Meals are not the only way that money is saved by booking an all inclusive holiday. Flights and hotels can be very expensive when booked separately, but by choosing all inclusive, you are sure to get the biggest discount by sacrificing a few minor details. For example, if everything were booked separately, this would provide more options for flight times and dates but would definitely end up costing more. This issue comes into great consideration during peak travel times, such as the summer tourist season and winter holidays. At this time, flight prices go up considerably but that is also the best time to find package holiday deals all around the world.

In short, choosing this type of holiday is a great way to remove some of the stress from your travels. All inclusive holiday packages are very common, and you will find that it is extremely simple to select a package that matches up to your travel dates and financial limitations. After all, the point of a holiday is to relax and not have to worry! By choosing a package of this nature, you will have more time and money to spend really enjoying yourself.

Author: Casper da silva