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"The 5 Best Surfing Destinations in Hawaii"

The 5 Best Surfing Destinations in Hawaii

Hawaii is home to perfectly breaking waves and warm water that makes it a tropical paradise for all; this is especially true for surfers. Surfing is a hug part of the traditions and culture of the all the Hawaiian Islands. This sport goes back to ancient times. It is embedded in the hearts and minds of the residents of Hawaii.

Bonzai Pipeline
This is an infamous surf destination and has been for many years. The foremost surfers from all around the world travel to this spot to surf. They have good reason too! On any given day there are often large glassy waves that create perfect tubes. Being the most popular surf destination on the globe, it attracts many championship surf contest every year.

Waimea Bay
This is one of the oldest surfing areas in Hawaii. It is best known for large monster waves that swell and manifest at its point and shore breaks. Its shore breaks are notorious throughout the surfing world. Waves break really close to the shore which makes for high impact surfing.

Sandy Beach
This is another well known surf area. It is located on the southeast side of the main island, Hawaii, with a famous shore breaks. This beach is best known for featuring shallow waters and critical fast surf. While these conditions may spell danger for some surfers, the more experienced surfers know that it is one of the best spots around. Even on a day where the waves are not large, Sandy Beach is still almost guaranteed to barrel and have many fun waves for anyone to enjoy.

Sunset Beach
This famous surfing destination, on Oahu's North Shore, is a favorite hot spot for professional surfers to go. The long nice waves make it a great place to hold surfing contests. It is centrally located along the drive to the North Shore. Giving the beach its well deserved name, it's the perfect destination to catch a beautiful Hawaiian sunset.

Kaiser Bowls
This surf area is on the island of Oahu's South Shore. It is, hands down, one of the cleanest surfs in the area. Because of the great easy to ride tubes the Kaiser Bowls can accommodate first time surfers to the most advanced professional surfer. It is not a far paddle out to start surfing. Once you reach your destination there is a wonderful channel beside it, just in case you get stuck in the inside breakers.

The Hawaiian Islands feature arguably the best surfing destinations in Western Hemisphere and offers stiff competition to being the best in the world. Beginner or advanced surfer, Hawaii will not disappoint.


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