Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weekend Ski Breaks: 2 Tips to Maximize the Experience

Weekend Ski Breaks: 2 Tips to Maximize the Experience

The long winter spell and the upcoming winter Olympics in Canada is an opportunity for so many good deals at ski resorts as most ski aficionados are preparing to watch the Winter Games, In fact, it is a lot easier know to book a weekend wonder or a weekend ski break because of the current situation. There may even be great packages that are available at this moment because resorts may not be full or they have extended their operating days due to the weather. By going online and searching for weekend ski breaks, there may be one just near you and within your price range.

A weekend ski break is a great thing especially for those with high stressful jobs and the need to be out there in the snow, close to nature is too appealing to miss. If you are planning to do so here are some tips to maximize your time on a weekend ski break:

- Research Online. If you have the tip to plan a weekend ski break ahead of time, then do so. If not, take your chances as there may be sudden openings at certain resorts. Resorts work on capacity in the sense that they make money if the occupancy of the resort is at a certain level. Anything over that level is gravy to them. If you are able to find a resort that has this condition, they would probably give you a discount of 30 to 40% inclusive of all packages which may mean flight transfers and vouchers. You may even get lucky and pay 50% for a full package that includes meals. If you plan to bring someone for a romantic getaway, this may be something that impresses him or her.

- Look at the travel time and travel conditions. See if you have to take a plane, train or car. All such different modes of transportation have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are taking your own car, make sure that you have snow tires and what the normal driving time it usually takes to get there, add some allowance for things do happen especially when the roads are icy and slippery. And if you do decide to take the care, make sure that the distance you are traveling is relatively short, nothing more than 150 kilometers. Otherwise, take the train as it is less hassle. For those taking the airplane, make sure that the weather conditions to your destination are safe. You can always find out and monitor such conditions through the Internet.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From Snorkeling to Fishing, Phuket Has It All!

Phuket as a Water Sport Destination

Phuket, the largest island in Thailand, is a destination where many water sports can be enjoyed. Snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, yachting, kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing and banana boat riding are some of the water activities available to visitors of the province.

Every swimmers can snorkel and enjoy the swimming over beautiful coral reefs surrounded by colorful fish. The best locations for snorkeling in Phuket are Laem Sing Beach, Kata and Kata Noi Beach, and Ao Sane Beach among a few others. Snorkelers are advised to wear a T-shirt and protective UV cream as the sun is usually very hard.

For those who want to experience deep water scuba diving, Phuket has a lot of wonderful diving sites. A multitude of diving shops offer to beginners PADI Open Water courses, and for the experienced divers a selection of diving trips are organized around smaller islands. The Similans, Phi Phi islands, Koh Racha Yai & Noi have the best spots for a dive.

Besides swimming, snorkeling and diving, other water sports can be enjoyed on the water like fishing. A fishing boat can be rented for the day for five or six persons where not only fishing, but sunbathing, can be experienced in the Andaman Sea. All the fish caught, mainly Tuna, will end as a dish for lunch, prepared by the crew on board of the boat.

Sea kayaking is also a good option to tour the coastline of Phuket at sea. Kayaks with one or two seats can be rented at several beaches: Nai Harn, Ao Sane, Tri Tra and Yanui Beach. Kayaking tours are also organized to explore Phang Nga Bay's cliffs and caverns. It is recommended to ask if it is safe to kayak on the western coast as big waves and courant can be dangerous at times in Phuket.

Jet skis can be rented in most of the main beaches but are unfortunately overpriced as all renters have agreed not to compete and keep prices as they are. There have been reports of tourists being scammed into paying huge bills for damages to the machines they did not do. The advice would be not to rent them and at the same time help for a better environment with less noise pollution.

Parasails and banana boats are two other possibilities available. Parasailing is safe as there is someone present during the short trip to make sure that the parachute goes the correct way. Banana boat is a great way to share with five other friends a few minutes of fun on an inflatable banana towed by a speedboat on the water. The experience is completed when everyone is finally thrown into the water.

Phuket definitely has everything that a visitor would want to do on a vacation at the seaside. From very busy beaches to smaller ones, everyone can find a favorite place to go and enjoy water sports.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Memphis: Things To Do And Sights You Don't Want To Miss

Memphis Things To Do And Sights You Don't Want To Miss

A walk in Memphis will instill many fun experiences for most travelers. It has even inspired a song in the 90's. Remember the line "Then I'm walking in Memphis, walking with my feet ten feet off of Beale...Walking in Memphis, but do I really feel the way I feel."? If you don't then don't worry, you'll find an assortment of things to do while on a visit to Memphis, from a relaxing walk to more action oriented activities, and in time you'll see yourself loving Memphis just the way the singer of the song did.

Memphis in Tennessee is located on the northern part of the Mississippi. A big city like Memphis has a lot of sights that are interesting to people who visit. Among these is the Mud Island River Park and Museum, where you can enjoy cruising, rafting and boating. The Mississippi River and the River Walk is perfect for a bicycle ride if you enjoy that kind of stuff.

You can view a replica of the Mississippi River at the River Walk. It is a detailed representation of the River Walk in that every 30" stride is the same as one mile of the river itself. The replica also has all the complete details of the real thing including the cities, landmarks and bridges along the river banks.

The Mississippi River Museum is interesting to history buffs and there are historical sites that you can visit. Adults and children alike will enjoy the Memphis Aquarium which has six large aquariums, all filled with various river creatures. Have you ever seen a life size replica of popular mode of transportation in Mississippi? Namely a large steamboat? Well you'll get to see one at the River Museum.

Campers can pitch their tents in the various camping sites in Memphis. For barbeque lovers out there, The Elvis Presley Boulevard has the best food Memphis has to offer and is close to "Home of the Blues and the birthplace of Rock n' Roll", Mississippi River RV Park (located also at the Elvis Presley Blvd.) and if you want to be near the famous Beale Street, 8 miles from there is the Graceland KOA Campground.

The attractions in Memphis is what makes the place so special. All kinds of celebrations take place in Memphis annually, for all kinds of different occasions. There are many festivals that are celebrated in Memphis, from the Carnival Memphis that celebrates the local industry, an Italian Festival, an art competition that attracts various artists from other states called the Cooper Young Festival, the annual celebration of the King Of Rock And Roll and other festivals that are too many to mention.

One festival that attracts huge crowds is the Memphis International Festival in May. Four main events will take place at the festival: the Beale Street Music Festival (the three-day musical event that kicks off the Memphis in May), the International Week (aims to expose the youth to different cultures from around the world), the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest (the largest barbecue competition in the world), and the Sunset Symphony (the closing event where the Memphis Symphony Orchestra performs).

A vacation to Memphis is something unforgettable. We should know how the singer feels about Memphis...