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"Symptoms Of Jet Lag"

Symptoms Of Jet Lag

Avoiding the effects of jet lag can be very easy. How? Do you want the latest tips on preventing jet lag without needing to take medical pills? Did you know pills could make you feel sick?

Do you feel sick and exhausted after a plane trip? Do you feel stressed and have a throbbing headache? Do you want natural remedies to prevent and reduce jet lag?

All of us love to travel but the jet lag and air sickness that affects us after a plane trip is not fun. However, there are a few things you could do to improve and reduce jet lag.

Here are some easy tips and that you can apply:

*Before going on a trip please make sure you have a small healthy meal. Don't eat or drink too much on the plane.

*Ensure that you are fit and healthy before the trip.

*Warm up your muscles as if you were about to play sports. Warming your muscles will help your blood flow better.

*Drink 2 cups of green tea before you fly.

*Avoid any alcohol before or on the trip. Even if alcohol is offered for free, the alcohol consumption combined with the high altitude can seriously make you lethargic or ill after a long plane trip. So be cautious and refrain from drinking alcohol.

*On the trip please move around as often as you can. Although the plane cabin is quite small, but by simply walking up and down helps your blood circulate.

*Warm up your muscles by moving your legs, rotating your ankles, wrist, flicking your fingers, rotating your shoulders, and leaning forward to touch your feet.

*Frequently massage your body.

*Massage your head and face to help circulate blood to your brain.

*Drink green tea on the trip.

*After the plane trip and on arriving at your hotel you should warm up your body by moving about and stretching.

*Have a 20 minute siesta after you cool down from your exercises. Avoid turning the air conditioning in the hotel room on cold because it can cause sickness.

*Take a warm shower and have some healthy food and drinks after the resting.

*All these exercises and food are designed to help your body stay alert and fight off the jet lag.
You should feel great after doing these exercises. You can reduce your jet lag sickness by up to 70%. It also helps your body acclimatise to your new environment when it is healthy and not recovering from alcohol.

Avoid eating any street foods on your arrival. Eat well cooked dishes to avoid food poisoning. This is because your body is quite tired after the trip so eating dangerous dishes is a perfect recipe for food poisoning.


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