Friday, December 17, 2010

"5 Tips On How To Maintain Lightweight Luggage When Traveling"

5 Tips On How To Maintain Lightweight Luggage When Traveling

When you are traveling, part of the itinerary is visiting famous shopping areas and districts. If the prices are affordable and the goods are good, I am sure you can't help but hoard a lot of stuff.

Now what you are going to do with the excessive things you have bought? How are you going to keep your luggage light in weight?

Before going crazy on your shopping spree, you also have to consider how much weight you are going to bring home with you. In order to maintain lightweight luggage, here are a few tips you would want to consider:

1. Before your scheduled departure, try to make a list of the things you are going to purchase. If you are purposefully buying something, you can prevent yourself from purchasing unnecessary items. Stick to your list. In addition to that, conduct a research and find out where you can find the items you want to buy. This will make short work of your shopping expedition.

2. If you see an item you really want, categorize it to your wants and needs. If it is something you need and something you can use all the time, go ahead and buy it. However, if it is something you want and it does not really take up a large space in your bag, you can consider buying it as well.

3. When buying gifts for loved-ones, consider getting them the same items. Buy souvenir items in bulk and have it packed for you. Avoid buying souvenir items that are made from fragile or breakable materials. You will have hard time packing them.

4. When buying, find out if the goods you want are available in your country. If they are, why not just buy them when you get home? If they are not available, try purchasing a few pieces of the items. Find out if the company has an online store that ships to your country so you can purchase more if you need more of them.

In countries like Japan, many tourists hoard Japan-made pretzels and chocolates. While they are relatively light in weight, they can take up a lot of space in your luggage. Just buy a few boxes so you can taste it and if you want more, you can purchase online.

5. You might want to leave bath products behind. When packing before traveling, try to transfer big bath products into smaller containers so you can pack easily. Once you have already consumed the products, you can leave the containers behind so you have more space inside your bag.

Now that you know all these, you can maintain lightweight luggage easily. Follow these simple tips when traveling.


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