Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Top Ten Vacation Spots Enjoyed by Celebs"

Top Ten Vacation Spots Enjoyed by Celebs

Want to spend your holiday like a star? We've got you covered. Get ready to flip flop your way to summer bliss because there's nowhere better to bask, bathe, or banquet then here!

1.Cabo San Lucas

Considered the jewel of the Baja Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas is anything but boring. From world-class golf, to swimming, snorkling, and scuba, your days will be easily filled... or not (if you'd prefer).

2.Miami Beach

More then just a hot spot in the sun, Miami Beach has world famous nightclubs, Art Deco architecture, and designer fashion. It's no wonder supermodel Heidi Klum loves to go!

3.St. Barths

This pearl of the Caribbean is the perfect place to go and relax. With delicious restaurants, great shopping, and fourteen white sand beaches to choose from how can you go wrong? Mariah Carey doesn't think you can!

4.Turtle Island

For romance, relaxation, and adventure, take a trip to Turtle Island, a place named by Captain Cook and his sea turtle eating crew. Privately owned since 1972, this South Pacific paradise is thought to be "as close to heaven on earth as you're likely to get."

5.St. Tropez

Located on the French Riviera, St. Tropez has a reputation for famous and wealthy summertime guests. It has been dubbed the "playground to jetsetters, fashion models, and millionaires."

6.Martha's Vineyard

"Hollywood East", a summer colony only accessible by boat and air, is a favourite of Oprah and Sir Paul McCartney. A study found that the cost of living on the island is 60% higher than the national average and housing prices are 96% higher.


A picture perfect destination where every island is more beautiful than the last. The Aloha state has an incredible history and a flame living within its people that can't be put out. When up for a surf, Cameron Diaz likes to visit.

8.The Hamptons

For those busy New York stars who can only escape for the weekend, the Hamptons is the
perfect compromise. Distinguished by its shops, restaurants, and galleries, it's no wonder high-stress New Yorkers like to spend their summers there.

9.African Safari

For those celebrities who look for adventure in their holidays, African Safaris seem to be a popular choice. But don't be fooled by their hats and habits, these holidays offer every possible creature comfort in the middle of immaculate wilderness.

10.Bora Bora

A Polynesian jewel of coral, crystal blue water, and lush forests, Bora Bora is one of the world's most beautiful islands. Located 160 miles northwest of Tahiti, Charlize Theron likes to go.


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