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"Cheap Flights to Israel - And Why You Should Use Them"

Cheap Flights to Israel - And Why You Should Use Them

Israel is like a tiny, magical box. It is a fascinating, unique, and often controversial nation with a biblical history and unmatched religious locations throughout. And it’s all located in an area approximately the size of New Jersey!

And cost is no longer an excuse. Yes, during these tough economic times it’s hard to imagine going on any vacation at all- nevertheless one across the world. However, with a plethora of different travel agencies and travel websites offering Asia and Europe airline tickets, cheap flights to Israel are now easier to find than ever before!

Some, but certainly not all, of the many reasons to go to Israel include…

The Western Wall – The holiest site for the Jewish people is the only remaining piece of architecture from the Jewish Temple destroyed in 586 B.C.E. The area the Western Wall is located in is almost always filled with people from all cultures and social classes. It is a true Wonder of the World, and one of the most unique things to witness across the globe.

Ancient Cities – The official Israel travel website, goIsrael.com, requests you “use the word ‘old’ sparingly” when describing Israeli cities. Most go back not just centuries, but millennia. Jerusalem is obviously the most well-known, but restored 19th century villages such as Zichron Ya-akov on Mount Carmel are certainly worth visiting.

Don’t count out Tel Aviv, however. The largest city in Israel, Tel Aviv (and its “older sister,” Jaffa) offer a much more modern urban experience than some of the ancient villages that surround it.

Incredible Kosher Wine- Yes, France makes some incredible wines (and they drink it like fish!). Italy sure does too. In fact, the average consumer looking to enjoy fine wine might consider traveling to Northern California before heading to Northern Israel.

However, the idea that luxury wine is limited to one area is a way of the past. The Golan Heights and Sea of Galilee now boast some of the world’s most exciting young wineries, producing world-renowned wines at excitingly reasonable prices.

Making a Difference – Because the nation of Israel is so small, every little bit counts. Nowhere is this more obvious than when discussing charitable contributions and activities taken part in by visitors and tourists. By volunteering, working with a charity or children’s group, or assisting in programs intended to bridge the cultural gaps between Jews and Arabs, you’re giving yourself an opportunity to make more of an impact than you ever could in a larger culture.

So stop making excuses! Call your travel agency, get your family together, cash in on those vacation days, get yourself on one of the many cheap flights to Israel and start enjoying the tiny, magical box that is Israel today!


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