Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ways to Lighten You Load

Tips for better packing:

DO NOT pack the following in your checked luggage:

  • Fine Jewelry
  • Cash
  • Laptop computers
  • Electronics
  • Fragile items (no matter how they are protected)
Think about the following when packing:
  • Only pack what's necessary
  • Leave unnecessary electronics at home
  • Don't pack every pair of shoes you own
  • See if your accommodations have a laundry facility for your use
  • If you don't use it at home, you more than likely wont use it on your trip; so leave it at hope.
  • Don't bring every beauty product you own on vacation.
  • Weigh your bags.
  • Put your name and address in your luggage and on the outside.
  • Make sure your luggage is easy to identify.
  • Check with your travel agent or airline to see what luggage restrictions are in place.
  • Put anything that could possibly leak in plastic bags.
  • Avoid over packing your bags.
  • Put personal items in clear plastic bags, this may prevent the TSA screener from having to handle them.
  • Try and pack travel size products, you don't really need your jumbo bottle of shampoo.
  • If you're going on an international trip, pack feminine products.
  • Pack a snack in your carryon, that way you wont have to pay for a snack in the air.

I hope your found these tips to be helpful. If you have more ideas let me know. Happy packing!

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