Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Summer Vacations

Are you wanting to go on a Summer trip, but not quite sure where to go?
Here are my top Summer destination ideas.

1) Any of the Hawaiian Islands
Our Summer is their off season, meaning you are able to get lower rates.

2) Take a car or RV Trip with friends or family.
You don't need to go far away to have a great time.
To off-set rising gas prices, split the fuel cost with everyone on the trip

3) Glacier Park
If you enjoy the outdoors and beautiful scenery this is the place for you.
Located in western Montana, this is every outdoorsman's paradise

4) Theme Parks
Take a Disney vacation, or visit your local theme park.
This is the kind of trip the whole family will enjoy

5) Duluth, Minnesota
Duluth is located in Northern Minnesota, on Lake Superior.
This is a great destination for rock climbers, fishers, and history buffs.


Collin Morisi said...

Great Post! My business has allowed me to be an extremely frequent traveler, and I'm always looking for new places to check out. Thanks a lot for the suggestions, I'm definitely going to look into Glacier Park.
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Finn said...

Yes, holiday trips are my favorite. I too have planned one for these summer vacations.