Thursday, January 17, 2008

Surefire Safety Part 4 - Hotel Safety Tips

For those of you have been anxiously waiting - here it is! Part three of Surefire Safety: Hotel Safety.

You check into your hotel room in a strange city and head to your seemingly safe room. But how safe is it really? Does the housecleaning staff look suspicious? Did someone in the lobby overhear your room number? A million questions can be asked but in order to answer all of them simple safety measures can be taken....

  • Don't use the door hanger to order breakfast. - This provides passersby the opportunity to determine if there is only one person in the room
  • Look for the exits when you enter a crowded place.
  • Ask for another room if the hotel representative tells you aloud what your room number is.
  • Ask for two keys, even if you are travelling alone. - This indicates you are not alone and helps in case you lose your key.
  • Always request a room with NO adjoining door to another room.
  • Make sure you lock the door to the adjoining room if you must stay in one.
  • Ask the hotel to call a cab for you.
  • Don't stay in a hotel with doors to the outside.
  • Carry a can of mace.
  • Stay at hotels instead of motels.
  • Request a room on the second or higher floor.
  • Don't be paranoid- be alert.
  • Just because your hotel is in a "safe" area stay alert.
  • Refrain from going to the bar alone or drinking alone.

Here are some easy to follow room guidelines:

  • Request a room near the elevator and away from renovation work.
  • Door should have double locks and a peephole
  • Bring along a rubber door stop to slide under the door so no one can get in.
  • If your bag is stolen from the hotel, have the hotel management look for it.
  • Hang the 'do not disturb' sign on your door.

Guidelines when choosing a hotel:

  • Smaller is smarter
  • Choose a well-trafficked street or a residential area
  • Ask a female employee (other than one in reservations) if she walks around at night
  • Reception desk should be near the hotel entrance
  • Should be privacy for guests checking in
  • Room numbers should be written on the key envelope, never said outloud
  • Parking lot should be well lit and secure.
  • Valet parking is even better

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Mistreated Guest said...

okay; what about finding a used razor in your bathroom kit concealed as if new? i documented the whole thing (complete with pics). what's your take?