Monday, December 10, 2007

Long flights Cause Health Concerns

According to the World Health Organization, flights that are four hours or longer can cause health problems in a small percentage of travelers. One of the more severe health problems a traveler may experience are blood clots that can form because of cramped conditions and lack of movement.

The risk of blood clots to any individual traveler is extremely low but there are ways to avoid even the possibility of any health problems.

By making sure to walk a few times during the flight and by doing small stretching exercises passengers can reduce the risk of blood clots. Passengers can also make it a point to move all parts of their bodies during flight, which will help reduce the likelihood of being sore upon arrival.
Other suggestions to stay healthy during long flights include staying hydrated, avoiding alcohol, and taking vitamins. Bringing pillows, water bottles, and eye-masks are also recommended for a relaxing, healthy flight.

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