Monday, December 24, 2007

Gift Wrap Valentine’s Day with Travel

Gift Wrap Valentine’s Day with Travel

If you’ve ever had the unenviable experience where Valentine’s Day wasn’t as sweet as you hoped – or worse – was a letdown for your partner, you probably learned a very important lesson: Plan early! So, consider this a friendly nudge to kick-start your planning and hopefully outdo yourself (or redeem yourself) with a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day.
Because Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, you have an excellent opportunity to make it a long, romantic weekend. Your travel expert can help you navigate through the hundreds of special packages offered by hotels and resorts that include such romantic touches like spa services, a special dinner menu and reservations, in-room breakfast, chocolates, limousine pickup from the airport or flowers in your room. Maybe a quaint bed and breakfast is more appealing; they can help with that, too.

If your goal is to thoroughly captivate and delight, make it a long European weekend. Take off Wednesday, arrive on Valentine’s Day and away you go for a little amour in Paris, amore in Italy, or amor in Spain. These countries are known for indulging the senses in everything from food to romance, and you can bet your partner will be captivated the moment you land. Of course, you’ll want to be sure the trip is tailored for love, and your travel expert can guide you with restaurant recommendations, enriching activities and sites, or a perfect romantic spot to just share some heart-melting alone time. Since prices to overseas destinations are considerably lower in February, a European romantic getaway is even more affordable and, let’s be honest, will gain you considerable points with your mate.

For those with an affinity for the open road, do it in style with an upscale auto rental. Imagine the exhilarating fun the two of you can have riding in the comfort of a sleek cruiser, a high-performance speedster or, for the eco-conscious, a fuel-friendly hybrid (a fantastic option for a long trek). Many car rentals now offer a GPS system ensuring that you never get lost. Accommodations can be arranged by your travel expert wherever you intend to slow down for the evening. Now is your chance to shine this Valentine’s Day; contact your local travel agent and get a head-start on your romantic getaway.

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