Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Timeless Travel Games"

Timeless Travel Games

If you have ever traveled with children, you have definitely heard these complaints before! Going long distances in the car can be stressful, especially when the kids are in tow. Keeping children occupied is one of the fundamentals of an enjoyable road trip. Fortunately, there are several timeless travel games that will keep the kids busy and allow you to spend quality time with your family.

The license plate game is a classic. To play this game, you list all of the states on a piece of paper. As you drive along the highway, pay attention to the license plates of the other cars and check off the states that they are from. The goal is to find a car from every state. Because this goal is, realistically, almost impossible, you can alter the rules to make it more fun for the kids. For example, you can award points to whoever spots the license plates. Another way to play this game is to try and find every number and every letter on the license plates. Instead of listing states on a piece of paper, write out the alphabet and the numbers 0-9. Then, as you pass the cars, check off the letters and numbers that are on the plates. This version of the game, because it requires players to be quick, can be done individually, with each person having their own paper. The first player to check off every letter and every number wins.

Although a driver could, theoretically, participate in the license plate game, it is best that he or she is not involved in anything that will distract them too much from the road ahead. The word game, because it does not require the driver to look in another direction, is perfect for everyone in the car. To play the word game, one person starts off by saying a word. The next person then must say a word that begins with the last letter of the word the first person said, and so on. This seems easy, but there is a catch: you cannot repeat a word that has already been used. As you play this game you will both enjoy the time together and strengthen your children's vocabulary.

The best part? They won't even realize that it is a learning game!

Another remedy for the boredom of car travel is the picnic game. In this game, each person says one thing they will bring on a picnic; however, each thing must be in alphabetical order. For example, Dad says "apple," Mom says "bread," and daughter says "cantaloupe." Sounds easy, right? Wrong, there is another catch! In addition to adding to the list, in alphabetical order, each person must also recite the entire list before they add their item! This is a great way to exercise your memory while having a wonderful time traveling with family and friends.

Next time you and your family set off on a long car trip, do not fear the never ending are-we-there-yets. These timeless travel games will keep your family busy and the time on the road will fly!


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