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"9 Things To Do In The Paradise Known As Maui, Hawaii"

9 Things To Do In The Paradise Known As Maui, Hawaii

So you are in Hawaii. Here are the best things to enjoy your stay in the paradise of Maui, Hawaii:

1. Enjoy a Luau. The Old Lahaina Luau is one of the luxury luaus in the world. They offer superb Hawaiian food and entertainment in an incomparable setting.

Pretty hotels stage beachside luaus featuring Hawaiian foods such as kalua pig, poi and haupia (coconut pudding) cooked in an earthen oven along with a pummel of more delicious delicacies. There are lots of Hawaiian music, fire dancing and hula.

2. Bike your heart along. Bikers will get thrill in Maui. Bikers can ride bicycle from the East End of the island in the Wailea Resort to Kapalua on stretched West End.

The ride is all along a stunning shoreline road. There are also guided downhill bicycle expedition down part of Haleakala, passing through the flower farms and some small towns.

3. Fine dining. Maui has attracted enthusiastic chefs who make national headlines using fresh local produce from Upcountry farmers.

There are lavish hotel dining rooms as well as lunch counters serving plate lunches. Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican and Italian are among the forte restaurants. Hawaii Regional Cuisine is the pride of the island.

4. Diving galore. Do you want to swim and dive? The finest dive spots are in Maui, Hawaii operated by reputable operators.

There are two marine maintained areas, Molokini at Wailea, an incompletely submerged volcanic crater offshore and the Honolua Bay on West Maui. Divers can get the most of the underwater world.

5. Hike with your family. Hike the rainforest muffled with the songs of birds that are only found here.

There are pursuit tracks to waterfalls with submerging pools for delightful swimming. There are also trails into the spectacular lunar landscape of Haleakala Crater. You can choose nature walks for every level of skill.

6. Shop like there is no tomorrow. The island is bountiful of galleries, international shops, designer boutiques and shopping malls. Many can take home Maui specialty items and products unique like jewelries and souvenir items.

7. Swim and Snorkel and be free like a fish. Explore more than 80 beaches on Maui and 120 miles of shoreline.

The beaches come in sands of green, gold, black, red and pure, to shimmering white. Come and grab a snorkel and mask and empathize with turtles and much variety of fish.

8. Dolphin and whale fun. Starting November until April, Maui welcomes the humpback whales - Hawaii's largest recurrent visitors.

They stay in Hawaii to mate and give birth. Maui's south and west coastlines provide abundant opportunities for watching this endangered species.

9. Non-stop sightseeing. A holiday nostalgic seeing plantation towns, explore the historic preservation district of Lahaina, stare at the biggest Buddha outside of Asia, pray at old Hawaiian churches, or visit a museum dedicated to Maui's whaling history.
You can never have enough things to do in Maui, Hawaii. Just bear with the ten and you will have the best stay ever.
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