Thursday, May 6, 2010

"What Should You Do if it Rains on Your Disney World Vacation?"

Little April Showers - What to Do When it Rains on Your Disney Vacation

Planning is key if you are heading out to Disney World on vacation, but unfortunately there is one thing that you can't control; the weather. What do you do if it rains during your Disney World vacation? Simple; go and have fun anyway.

1. Head over to Disney Quest

Disney Quest is pretty much an indoor theme park. Located at the West Side at Downtown Disney this giant playground is the perfect place to while away the rainy hours of the day.
You can challenge with Buzz Lightyear and his Astroblasters or battle for buccaneer gold with the Pirates of the Caribbean. Creative types will enjoy designing, and riding, their own rollercoaster, or even making a music video to take home and share with their friends.
Disney Quest is open seven days a week from 11.30am until late, and if all the fun makes you hungry then you can refuel in the food court.

2. Tour the Resort hotels

If you don't want to waste your park passes on a wet day then why not go on a tour of the Walt Disney World Resort hotels?

The Disney Imagineers didn't stop at the themeparks, they put just as much creative effort into their hotels too. Why not spend some time relaxing by the huge fireplace in the lobby of Disney's Wilderness Lodge, or animal watching on the savanna over at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.
For the ultimate in luxury take the monorail over to Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. You'll be whisked back in time to Victorian Florida when you step inside the flagship resort. If you're travelling during the holiday season you won't want to miss the huge Gingerbread House that stands majestically in the lobby.

3. Break out the ponchos and have fun in the parks

If you're happy to just be a kid again and hang out in the rain then wet days are some of the best times to be in the parks, because most people are driven away by the rain! All you need to do is grab a poncho and some suitable footwear and go and have fun, you'll enjoy yourself almost as much as if the sun were out. Some of the attractions like Test Track can't operate when it's raining, but it doesn't usually rain for long anyway.

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