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Holiday in Dublin Ireand

Holiday in Dublin Ireand

Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland. You will want to stay in this city for a while on your holiday to Ireland because it is an embodiment of all the different cultures of the country.

Though you can see all its attractions in a car or bus, taking a walk through the city is the best way to experience the capital.
Though Ireland share borders with Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom, it has been able to maintain a characteristic of its own - one of the main reasons why it remains a favorite tourist destination.

Ireland has countless attractions. Beginning with historical sites, visitors on holiday are welcome to the King John's Castle on King's Island in Limerick. This magnificent historical site is close to the River Shannon. The castle is the remains of a Viking settlement and was recently unearthed during construction work in the area. The walls of the castle remain intact and present the visitor with a unique view of Irish architecture. From afar one can notice the towers which once represented the power and might of the Vikings. The castle has seen a lot of sieges, the most notable been the Siege of Limerick in the seventeenth century.

The Tory Island beckons the most in Ireland. This island is twelve kilometers away from the County Donegal. The most interesting feature about the Island is not its water sports facilities but rather a collection of artists who have set up their own gallery there. In this community, you will find the respected artist Derek Hill and his colleagues.

On a holiday to Dublin, you cannot miss the Guinness Brewery. Home of the world famous Guinness alcoholic drink, the factory remains one of the most attractive places in Dublin. The best way round is to get a guide who will introduce you to the history of the brewery, its owner and the original blend. The trip is called a Visit to the Guinness Storehouse and it includes briefings on the 1904 storehouse that was built to store beer. Probably one of the biggest factory structures in Ireland, the tower holds 14.3 million pints of GUINNESS. You will also visit the boiler where water, barley, hops and yeast are blended to make the drink.

Dublin is one of the cities in the world that has grown into a cosmopolitan center but still remains rich in culture and tradition. On your holiday trip you will be amazed at how this city has been able to develop into a 21st century metropolis whilst retaining its historic and cultural identity.

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