Thursday, January 28, 2010

Weekend Ski Breaks: 2 Tips to Maximize the Experience

Weekend Ski Breaks: 2 Tips to Maximize the Experience

The long winter spell and the upcoming winter Olympics in Canada is an opportunity for so many good deals at ski resorts as most ski aficionados are preparing to watch the Winter Games, In fact, it is a lot easier know to book a weekend wonder or a weekend ski break because of the current situation. There may even be great packages that are available at this moment because resorts may not be full or they have extended their operating days due to the weather. By going online and searching for weekend ski breaks, there may be one just near you and within your price range.

A weekend ski break is a great thing especially for those with high stressful jobs and the need to be out there in the snow, close to nature is too appealing to miss. If you are planning to do so here are some tips to maximize your time on a weekend ski break:

- Research Online. If you have the tip to plan a weekend ski break ahead of time, then do so. If not, take your chances as there may be sudden openings at certain resorts. Resorts work on capacity in the sense that they make money if the occupancy of the resort is at a certain level. Anything over that level is gravy to them. If you are able to find a resort that has this condition, they would probably give you a discount of 30 to 40% inclusive of all packages which may mean flight transfers and vouchers. You may even get lucky and pay 50% for a full package that includes meals. If you plan to bring someone for a romantic getaway, this may be something that impresses him or her.

- Look at the travel time and travel conditions. See if you have to take a plane, train or car. All such different modes of transportation have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are taking your own car, make sure that you have snow tires and what the normal driving time it usually takes to get there, add some allowance for things do happen especially when the roads are icy and slippery. And if you do decide to take the care, make sure that the distance you are traveling is relatively short, nothing more than 150 kilometers. Otherwise, take the train as it is less hassle. For those taking the airplane, make sure that the weather conditions to your destination are safe. You can always find out and monitor such conditions through the Internet.

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