Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Are Your Feet Vacation Ready

Are Your Feet Vacation Ready?

Although rest and relaxation are the goals for most vacations, they usually involve a lot of walking and a lot of walking usually involves sore feet.

Some simple foot care tips include:
1. Wear thick, absorbent socks (acrylic instead of cotton) and change them often!
2. Dry feet thoroughly after bathing, making sure to dry between toes. Use powder before putting on shoes and even anti-perspirant on your feet if you sweat profusely.
3. Nails should be cut regularly, straight across the toe.
Check for ingrown toenails and avoid cutting them too short.
4. Moisturize your feet regularly and watch for athlete's foot fungus infections.
5. Massage any aching muscles after exercise and apply ice to any sore joints for at least 15 minutes.
6. Two pairs of shoes can be very helpful in making your vacation more comfortable. After a vigorous day walking, your shoes need almost 24 hours to dry out and become more functional.

"If you're not accustomed to long walks, start slowly and rest if your feet start hurting," says Crane. "And above all, have fun."
Information provided by: Dr Marybeth Crane

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