Friday, February 8, 2008

Alternative Souvenier Ideas

Most people bring home typical souvenir items when they travel, such as magnets, jewelry, shotglasses, etc. At least in my house, these items will end up missing or placed somewhere to collect dust. Here are a few different souvenir ideas that are inexpensive - the more unusual the destination, the more interesting your souvenirs become!

Newspapers in the native tongue. You can frame these and it will have the date you were there on it. Newspapers also make great additions to scrap books or great backgrounds to photos you take.

Egyptian newspaper

Maps. Maps can be mounted or cut down to a certain size. You could even cut the map in half, frame each half and place on each side of a grouping of pictures from your trip. Maps are another great addition to any scrap book.


Stamps and Money. A piece of currence (either coin or paper) with a stamp placed next to it from each destination makes a great arrangement when they are framed in small frames of the same color and grouped.
German currency

Cookbooks in the native tongue with a kitchen utensil native to that country.
Children's storybook. Whether you have kids or not the artistry and writing from childrens books can depit an entire culture.
Marionettes - great for hanging in windows
Soaps. You can get these plenty of places on your trip. Try checking even the local grocery store. They will last as long as you don't use them! A basket full of soaps from different countries not only smells good but brings nice memories.

Labels. Take labels from wine, beer, soda or water bottles you drank while on your trip. Soak them off and let dry, then place in the pages of a book or anything that will keep them flat. Also, cut the front panel off a box of tea or chocolate or a collection of chocolate candy wrappers. These all make a fun and colorful display in either frames or a scrap book!

Beer label from Scotland

Menus - Grab a menu from a restaurant you visit that has local dishes on it. Frame the menu and hang it in your kitchen!

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